Under Pads

Drip Free/ Arokleen


  • Anti-Leakage Design
    The product has extra width and length designed for better absorption.
  • Dry And Comfortable
    It has large absorbing padding using the reticular embossed design to introduce the water diversion towards every side to keep the surface comfortable.
  • Skin Friendly
    Using the super-nonwoven as the top layer, it feels comfortable and prevents skin rashes.
  • International Quality
    Strict controls of product material and production assuring safety and health.

Benefits of Using PupPee Pads

Our pads provide worry-free training for your puppy & peace of mind for you. They also can be used as an alternative to outdoor ‘relief’ for your adult dog.

  • Locks in wetness with quilted top layer
  • Ensures maximum absorption power with 2 moisture locking layers
  • Protects floor & carpets with leak-proof backing
  • Provides easy training with built-in attractant
  • Protect your floors
  • Easy cleanup & disposal
  • Quilted for extra absorbency
  • Less accidents means less disciplining
  • Dog attractant reinforces training
  • Durable, tear resistant

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