Home Thermometer

  • Non contact measure temperature and high precision.
  • Optional to switch surface temperature
  • Convertible between C°&F°
  • Alarm value can be set
  • Automatic data retention and power off
  • Latest 16 newly measured data can be stored
  • LCD with back-light for use in darkness
  • Civil Thermometer

  • The product is designed to be light in weight, simple inoperation, easy to use and carry.
  • True color high resolution OLED and LED
  • It has strong anti-ambient light interference andlow-consumption design.
  • It is only used for on-site monitoring and is not used forcontinuous monitoring.
  • It is suitable for hospitals, clinics, families, oxygen bars,sports centers, mountaineering and other activitiesrequiring to check pulse or oxygen level.

Rs. 1999

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